Looking for the best location in Presidio, Marina, Cow Hollow, or San Francisco to host your special event. We accommodate small to large groups for your birthday parties, wedding parties, corporate parties and football parties. Our great surroundings and friendly staff will make sure your group enjoys the best experience in Cow Hollow, San Francisco.

— Visit us —

2990 Baker St
San Francisco, CA 94123


— Contact Us —

Phone: +1 415-931-7800
Fax: +1 415-931-8152
Email: finalfinalsportsbar@gmail.com

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— FAQ —

Can I bring my dog?
We allow service animals only.

Do you take reservations? What about reserving space for big games like the Super Bowl?
We do NOT take reservations for big game days. 

Can I host a work or personal party? How many people?
We can accommodate up to 100 people for any special event you would like to host at The Final Final.

Can I rent out the whole bar for a few hours?
No, we do not permit rent-outs.

Are kids allowed?
No, must be 21+

Do I have to have an ID to enter, even if I'm clearly over 21?
You must present a Valid ID if requested by staff to prove age.

Do you open early for certain events, like soccer games?
We do open early for major sporting events. We recommend you call to verify for the game you are looking for.

Are you open on holidays?
We are open 363 days a year. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Can I bring outside food or drink?
No outside food or drink is allowed. We do have bar food and free popcorn. However, if you're hosting an event with us we may be able to accommodate, so just call and ask.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes, American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard and NFC payments

What if I forget my ID
Don’t worry, we hold your ID for one month. If not claimed we will destroy them.

What if I forgot something of mine at the bar?
Dont worry, all items if found will be head for two weeks. Clothing will be donated to a non profit and all other items will be destroyed if not claimed prior to two weeks.